Black Belt – Kukkiwon Standards Course III

The Kukkiwon Standards Series focuses on rehabilitating Kukkiwon trained Black Belts who either haven’t trained in years, are not standardized to present day Taekwondo, and/or are not yet Kukkiwon certified. There are three parts in the Kukkiwon Standards Series.

Part I focuses on learning the proper execution of all Taekwondo techniques. This includes blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances. Each section requires students to upload videos showcasing each technique for constructive feedback from a certified master level instructor or coach. Students complete Part I when an instructor deems all techniques are performed to the level of Black Belt.

Students are enrolled in Part II after successful completion of Part I. Part II focuses on utilizing the proper method of executing techniques to accurately perform Poomsae; Taekwondo forms or patterns. Students will have to learn all eight Poomsae in the Taegeuk series in order to complete Part II. Similar to Part I, student will be required to submit video of each form for feedback from a qualified instructor. Depending on the students’ Black Belt level, they may be required to learn additional forms to complete this module.

Part III teaches students Taekwondo One Steps and Self-Defense techniques. Depending on their level of Black Belt, students will have to learn a certain number of each to complete the course

After completion of all three parts, students will be able to either test for a Kukkiwon Black Belt certificate, or begin training for their next Dan level.

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Course Includes

  • 13 Lessons