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Taekwondo is a systematic approach to self-defense emphasizing the use of the legs based on the fact that the legs are the strongest part of the human body, and the greatest asset a martial artist has. Taekwondo is also an Olympic sport, and the most practiced martial art in the world. That being said, Taekwondo practitioners have a multitude of avenues to explore including competition, coaching, and refereeing on the local, regional, national, and international levels. So much so, that over 70 countries have sponsored national teams with athletes competing in the Olympics, World Championships, Grand Prix, Grand Slam, US Open, World Military Games, World Collegiate Championships, and many other Taekwondo competitions around the world.

Cyber Taekwondo is the world’s #1 online martial arts training program. Students begin their training in a program of their choosing mastering new skills each week until they have learned all the material required to graduate from their program. Along the way, students are required to submit video assignments to  instructors for feedback, pass live video belt testings, and will also have the option to interact with Cyber Taekwondo students around the world through Cyber Social.

Cyber Taekwondo teaches Kukkiwon style Taekwondo; or what most refer to as WT (formerly WTF) or Olympic-style Taekwondo. You will learn all blocks, strikes, kicks, and forms associated with this style of Taekwondo, and receive an international Black Belt certificate certified by the Kukkiwon upon completion of the Colored Belt program.

Registering for a free membership will give you complete access to Cyber Taekwondo for 7-days. During that time, you may take lessons, train, and interact with other students in the program. After 7-days, you will be asked to upgrade your membership to a paid option allowing you to continue in your program.

Martial arts have become popular again over the last decade. However, not everyone has the time, or the money, to indulge. Even if they really want to take lessons. On the other hand, some resort to YouTube, or other inadequate methods of online training, which doesn’t properly develop skill with an instructor or coach monitoring their progression.

Cyber Taekwondo erases the negative stereotypes of standard, and online, martial arts training by providing affordable programs you can complete anywhere in the world. Additionally, Cyber Taekwondo requires you to upload video assignments so instructors can monitor your feedback and watch your monitor progression.

Cyber Taekwondo uses a scientific lesson format proven to develop characteristics associated with the martial arts such as flexibility, strength, speed, etc. A typical lesson follows the format below.

10-15 minutes – Exercise : Exercise builds strength and endurance, and should be done at the beginning of training as exercise contracts the muscles and opposes flexibility.

10 minutes – Dynamic Warmup: A dynamic warmup takes the body through is full range of motion. Recent studies suggest that dynamic warmups are best prior to training, while static stretching is best after when looking to increase flexibility.

10 minutes – Curriculum: Curriculum is where you learn what you need to know to complete your program. Depending on your program, curriculum either helps you test for the next belt level, earn your next Black Belt, or learn a skill.

10 minutes – Stretching: All training sessions should end with at least 10 minutes of stretching. This catches the muscles when they are warm and loose, which is the best state to induce permanent muscular change in regards to flexibility.

10 years ago, there was no proper way to learn the martial arts online. Since then, technology has been created that not only allows you to learn online, but also develop the same skills as someone who attends classes in person. Cyber Taekwondo integrates several innovative elements colleges and universities across the world use to ensure students are actually developing skills.

The simple answer to this question is yes, and no. The no portion of this question is that there is no such thing as rank certification under Black Belt. Martial art organizations only keep account of members who have attained a Black Belt. The reason for this is that so many individuals begin training, and then quit. It would be a large undertaking to keep track of every student that ever trained. Ranks given under Black Belt are for internal school use to know at what level a student is in THAT school’s curriculum.

Once a student successfully passes their Black Belt test, the answer to this question then becomes yes, All Cyber Taekwondo Black Belt students will receive an international Black Belt in Taekwondo from the Kukkiwon. The Kukkiwon is based in Seoul, South Korea, and is the highest authority on Taekwondo in the world. The rank you receive from the Kukkiwon can be taken to any Taekwondo school, however, it does not work the other way around. To put the prestige of this organization into perspective, Taekwondo practitioners who wish to compete in the Olympics must have a Kukkiwon certification to even be considered. Other major competitions around the world such as the US Open, World Championships, Grand Prix, Grand Slam, and many others also require this certification.

Systematic Skill Development – Other programs overload students with information. This can cause confusion, and often encourages beginners to skip ahead. Cyber Taekwondo uses a systematic formula for skill development using a progressive skill development design.

Video Assignments – Cyber Taekwondo doesn’t just give you videos, then let you train on your own. Cyber Taekwondo cares about your progression. Each program integrates video assignments where elite coaches and athletes review and provide feedback for improvement.

Live Video Testings and Private Lessons – True skill cannot be tested by sending in a video. The martial arts require a person to think on their toes under stress. Live video testings simulate this stress, and is equivalent to testing in person at an actual school. Private lessons are conducted the same way allowing for on the spot feedback.

Rank Certification – Regardless, of whether you choose to train with Cyber Taekwondo or not, please beware of false instructors with rank from questionable organizations, and those that claim to certify students through those same organizations. Cyber Taekwondo certifies all of our students through the #1, and only, governing body authorized to bestow international rank for Taekwondo students around the world; the Kukkiwon. The Kukkiwon is the World Taekwondo Headquarters, and is based in Seoul, South Korea. To put the prestige of this organization into perspective, a Taekwondo athlete must have a Kukkiwon certificate to even be considered for the Olympics. Additionally, other major tournaments like the US Open requires participants obtain a Kukkiwon certificate as well.

Yes. Cyber Taekwondo is a complete training program that includes exercise, warmup, and stretching courses in addition to lessons associated with your belt level. There are 10 different exercise lessons, 4 warmup lessons, and 3 stretching lessons. This ensures that students experience a full training experience; just like they would at an actual school.

The martial arts use the belt system to identify where a martial artist is in their training. A belt level indicates your current rank in the martial arts system you practice.

Each martial art is different, however, Cyber Taekwondo follows the standard World Taekwondo ranking system. Refer to the list below.

White Belt

High White Belt

Yellow Belt

High Yellow Belt

Green Belt

High Green Belt

Blue Belt

High Blue Belt

Red Belt

High Red Belt

Black Belt (1st through 9th degree)

Once you complete the Mock Testing lesson for your belt level, you will receive an automatic email requesting you to schedule your belt test using our online scheduling system. If you feel ready, click the link in that email to schedule a time to take your test. If you are not yet comfortable to test, you will be allowed as much time as you need to review past lessons and ask questions. Once you feel ready, return to that initial email, and schedule your test.

All test are conducted LIVE online via Zoom conference call.

Each belt level will require you to submit at least 3 video assignments to your instructor. All you have to do is press the play button included in each video upload lesson, and video yourself following the commands. You will then submit that video to your instructor via the upload link included in that lesson. You instructor will then grade your video on both technical and performance aspects within 24-48 hours. After grading, your instructor will send you a personal message to your account on the platform. You can access this through your messages. Your instructor will let you know what things you did well, what you need to improve on, and specific ways to improve. All 3 video assignments are required to become eligible to test.

Lessons and training sessions vary in length as some lessons are only 2 minutes long, while others are 7 minutes long. There is also no cap on how many lessons you can watch in a row. Instead of thinking about lesson length, think about the time you want to set aside for each training session. For example, if you want to practice for 45 minutes each training session, then you will have time for an exercise lesson, a warmup lesson, 1-2 lessons from your belt level, and a stretching lesson. If you have an hour and fifteen minutes to practice, then you should be able to fit in 2-3 more lessons from your belt level.

A minimum of 3 times per week is recommended. However, Cyber Taekwondo was designed to work around your schedule. Fit it in when you can. Even if it’s only once or twice per week.

There is NO mandatory training time in between belt levels. However,  see below for the typical training times for each belt level.

White Belt – 3 months

High White Belt – 3 months

Yellow Belt – 3 months

High Yellow Belt – 3 months

Green Belt – 4 months

High Green Belt – 4 months

Blue Belt – 4 months

High Blue Belt – 4 months

Red Belt – 6 months

High Red Belt – 6 months

It typically takes 2-2.5 years to earn a Black Belt.

No, a training partner is not required. However, a having a training partner allows you to develop timing, speed, depth perception, and other skills that are more difficult to develop training alone. If you’d like to train with a partner who is a Cyber Taekwondo student, you have two options:

Option 1: Enroll with a friend and serve as each others training partner.

Option 2: Contact us to set you up with a nearby student if one is available.

Cyber Taekwondo adheres strictly to the standards of the Kukkiwon. We evaluate students on a case by case basis to determine if they can keep their previously earned rank based on these standards. Student wishing to be evaluated must complete an assessment. To complete an assessment, click this link for instructions.

Cyber Taekwondo was created by Master Thomas Huskey; a 4th Degree Black Belt certified by the Kukkiwon, 4x Taekwondo state champion, 2x Powerade Games Taekwondo champion, and 2x All-Army Taekwondo team member. In addition to his competitive success, Master Huskey is also a Kukkiwon licensed International Master Level Taekwondo Instructor, a USA-Taekwondo certified Sport Taekwondo coach (Sparring and Forms), and a certified AAU Taekwondo coach (Sparring and Forms). Master Huskey has trained more than 7,000 students online, and that number increases daily.

Though most of his students are now online, Master Huskey also teaches in-person classes as the Head Coach of the Taekwondo program at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. Master Huskey is a former Peak International Taekwondo coach who has trained and coached athletes who have competed and won titles internationally. Along with teaching and training the next generation of Olympic-style athletes, Master Huskey is an accomplished musician with a BA in Music, and serial entrepreneur who holds an MBA from Western Governors University.

Cyber Social brings social media to the martial arts. All students receive a profile where they may update their profile picture, cover photo, status, request and accept friends, comment on others posts, and much more. Students may also start groups to discuss training, encourage others, or even meet up to train.

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership  at anytime by checking out again for the new membership option of your choice. Cancel anytime via the My Account page.

Nothing at all! Each membership option comes with a FREE 7 Day Trial. In that 7 days, feel free to tryout the program, and all of its features. Should you want to continue, just keep using the program past the 7 days. If you want to cancel, you may do so from your account at anytime.

Any type of athletic wear can be used during training. However, Taekwondo practitioners typically wear a standard v-neck dobok (uniform) during training. Doboks are available in the store for purchase after registration. While wearing a dobok is not required for training or belt test, it is strongly encouraged as ir helps to fully immerse yourself in the experience of Taekwondo training.

Cyber Taekwondo teaches in a competition ready format. However, the traditional program is very basic in its approach to competitive Taekwondo. To truly learn what’s needed to excel in competitive Taekwondo, students/athletes should try the Cyber for Competition program; and full scale remote training program designed to prepare those interested for modern Taekwondo competition.

Please click on the links below to view examples of each.


Women Sparring

Men Sparring

First, Taekwondo is an ever evolving art. No one could ever learn or master all of its aspects. However, this is a goal that will keep you practicing forever.

Second, Taekwondo is the most practiced martial art in the world, and has a very extensive development system for practitioners to remain lifelong practitioners. Each country has several national teams that compete against other nations, as well as military exclusive competitions for those in the armed forces. Children and teens compete in the Junior Olympics for a chance to join their country’s Junior National Teams. Collegiate level practitioners compete at the Collegiate Nationals to join the Collegiate National Team. Those 18 and up can compete both nationally and internationally for an opportunity to represent their county on the Senior National Team, or on the biggest competitive stage of all; the Olympics. Even those who are not athletes, or have no desire to compete, have opportunities on the local, regional, national, or international levels to coach and/or referee. These highly respected officials in the Taekwondo community are responsible for how Taekwondo is governed and practiced today. No matter the age, no matter the ability, and no matter the nationality Taekwondo has something to offer for all.