Become a Kukkiwon Black Belt

Cyber Taekwondo, an accredited online martial arts training program, can help you attain an internationally recognized Black Belt certificate in Taekwondo from the Kukkiwon; the highest governing body of Taekwondo in the world.

Who is this Program For?

Taekwondo Black Belts with a “club” certificate.

“Club” certificates are those that certify your rank within the school where you learned Taekwondo. This type of rank does not have to be honored outside of the school in which it was received.

Taekwondo Black Belts with fake certificates.

As the name suggest, this type of rank is given by fake instructors, fake organizations, and/or independent instructors who certify their students through an organization they created or founded. This type of rank is not recognized outside of the instructor who bestows it.

Taekwondo Black Belts with “low authrority” certificates.

“Low Authority” certificates certify your rank within an organization that has no authority over a martial art. This type of rank is not international, and does not have to be honored outside of the organization.

Red Belts in Taekwondo ready to test for Black Belt.

In some cases, students train until they are close to Black Belt, but never have the opportunity to test due to various reasons. In this case, Cyber Taekwondo can help you acheive your Black Belt.

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