New Kukkiwon Certification Program for Non-Students

Cyber Taekwondo is excited to announce the launch of our Kukkiwon Certification Program. This program will allow non-students to test for their Black Belts with Cyber Taekwondo, and receive an international Black Belt certification in Taekwondo from the Kukkiwon.

For those who may not be familiar, the Kukkiwon is known as the Taekwondo headquarters. The organization is based in Seoul, South Korea, and was founded in an effort to standardize Taekwondo around the globe. The Kukkiwon sets and administers the basic Taekwondo school curriculum, and sets the testing standards to abide by. Kukkiwon certifications are the only Taekwondo certificates accepted internationally. In fact, those who seek to participate in the Olympics, and many national and international level events, must possess a Kukkiwon certification.

To test for a Kukkiwon certificate with Cyber Taekwondo, you must have attained the level of Red Belt from a previous Taekwondo training program. You must also be ready to test without any additional training. Those who do not meet the basic requirements for testing can signup for a Cyber Taekwondo membership to receive help with preparing for the test. Those who are ready to test immediately should complete the form on our Contact Us page to begin the process.

Should you have any questions or are interested in testing please email with inquiries.

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