What Does a Cyber Taekwondo Lesson Look Like?

Cyber Taekwondo uses a scientific lesson format proven to develop characteristics associated with the martial arts such as flexibility, strength, speed, etc. A typical lesson follows the format below.

10-15 minutes – Exercise : Exercise builds strength and endurance, and should be done at the beginning of training as exercise contracts the muscles and opposes flexibility.

10 minutes – Dynamic Warmup: A dynamic warmup takes the body through is full range of motion. Recent studies suggest that dynamic warmups are best prior to training, while static stretching is best after when looking to increase flexibility.

10 minutes – Curriculum: Curriculum is where you learn what you need to know to complete your program. Depending on your program, curriculum either helps you test for the next belt level, earn your next Black Belt, or learn a skill.

10 minutes – Stretching: All training sessions should end with at least 10 minutes of stretching. This catches the muscles when they are warm and loose, which is the best state to induce permanent muscular change in regards to flexibility.