What Is the Difference Between Cyber Taekwondo and Other Online Training Programs?

Systematic Skill Development – Other programs overload students with information. This can cause confusion, and often encourages beginners to skip ahead. Cyber Taekwondo uses a systematic formula for skill development using a progressive skill development design.

Video Assignments – Cyber Taekwondo doesn’t just give you videos, then let you train on your own. Cyber Taekwondo cares about your progression. Each program integrates video assignments where elite coaches and athletes review and provide feedback for improvement.

Live Video Testings and Private Lessons РTrue skill cannot be tested by sending in a video. The martial arts require a person to think on their toes under stress. Live video testings simulate this stress, and is equivalent to testing in person at an actual school. Private lessons are conducted the same way allowing for on the spot feedback.

Rank Certification – Regardless, of whether you choose to train with Cyber Taekwondo or not, please beware of false instructors with rank from questionable organizations, and those that claim to certify students through those same organizations. Cyber Taekwondo certifies all of our students through the #1, and only, governing body authorized to bestow international rank for Taekwondo students around the world; the Kukkiwon. The Kukkiwon is the World Taekwondo Headquarters, and is based in Seoul, South Korea. To put the prestige of this organization into perspective, a Taekwondo athlete must have a Kukkiwon certificate to even be considered for the Olympics. Additionally, other major tournaments like the US Open requires participants obtain a Kukkiwon certificate as well.