USA-Taekwondo athletes crush the 2019 Pan Am Games!

Paige McPherson - Pan Am Games

Over the past few days, athletes from all over the world have been competing at the 2019 Pan Am Games.

But no team showed up and showed out like the USATKD athletes.

In preparation for Tokyo 2020, our Taekwondo National Team members have been training harder than ever and it showed this past week. USATKD brought home a total of 9 medals; more than any other country in attendance. Of the medalist, we have one former Olympian, Paige McPherson, and two Olympic hopefuls in Madelynn Gorman-Shore and David Kim. The team was even voted Best Team of the Pam Am Games.

The Pan Am Games, for the first year ever, also included Poomsae as apart of the competition. Alex Lee, a USATKD Poomsae national Team member, won the first gold medal ever given to a Poomsae athlete at the games.

“It’s just an incredible feeling,” Lee said. “To be able to win a gold medal for the first time ever in poomsae at a Pan American Games is amazing, and I will honestly never forget this moment and this day.”

Along with Alex Lee, Karyn Real also won a bronze in the individual women’s division, and the Freestyle Poomsae Team also won gold.

USATKD looks powerful and ready to claim more medals at the Olympic games next year.


Below is a full list of USATKD Medalist.


Jonathan Healy – Gold +87kg

Anastajia Zolotic – Gold 57kg

Paige McPherson – Silver 67kg

David Kim – Bronze 58kg

Monique Rodriquez – Bronze 49kg

Madelynn Gorman-Shore – Bronze +67kg



Alex Lee – Gold Men’s Individual Poomsae

Karyn Real – Bronze Women’s Individual Pomsae

Ethan Sun, See-Jin Yi, Karyn Real, Andrew Lee, Alex Lee – Gold Team Freestyle

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